My Pagan path

Changing Paths challenge day 3 — my new path

Well I’m not sure that Paganism is my “new” path any more as I’ve been a Pagan for 38 years now… but what keeps it fresh? Seeing the beauty of nature, and when humans interact with nature harmoniously. The changing round of the seasons. Seeing the trees burst into leaf and the flowers coming out every year.

Boscawen Un stone circle, Cornwall, UK. One of the prettiest stone circles especially at this time of year when the bluebells are in flower (I miss bluebells).

Why Paganism? Because it’s the religion that celebrates every aspect of who I am, and doesn’t seek to suppress the natural wild self. It’s about celebrating our humanity and our connections with Nature and the Earth.

Changing Paths is published by 1000Volt Press and is available from all the usual online stores. Ask your local bookseller or library to stock it!

The goal of the book is to help you decide your own path by guiding you through the perils and pitfalls of the terrain, and asking questions to help you deepen your understanding of the reasons for your desire to change paths.

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