Changing Paths blogging challenge 2 — Spring

I love the Spring, it’s one of my favourite seasons. Spring in England starts in February with the first snowdrops and lasts until the end of May when the bluebells are over.

In Canada, signs of Spring are hard to find in February as everything is still covered in snow, but some trees do start budding and you might see the occasional brave Robin (the North American Robin, not the same bird as the European Robin).

Once the spring really gets going, everything is blossoming and growing and putting forth leaves.

The experience of leaving a religion that is not the right one for you can feel very much like Spring. Green shoots come up where there was bare earth before; water starts flowing again, and the birds start singing. Things come unclenched that were previously clenched. I’ve previously likened it to a dry sponge expanding and filling with water.

Changing Paths is published by 1000Volt Press and is available from all the usual online stores. Ask your local bookseller or library to stock it!

The goal of the book is to help you decide your own path by guiding you through the perils and pitfalls of the terrain, and asking questions to help you deepen your understanding of the reasons for your desire to change paths.

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