Things I don’t miss

Changing Paths challenge day 12 — things I don’t miss about the traditions I have left.


  • committee meetings
  • People asking how you can be a Wiccan and a Unitarian (this was only a tiny handful but it was annoying)
  • Unitarianism’s (and UUism’s) inability to decide what its focus is


  • the relentless pressure to evangelize /proselytize
  • the doctrines of penal substitution/vicarious atonement, and hell
  • homophobia, biphobia
  • transphobia
  • people who think the devil has it in for them personally
  • people who think that God has a special plan for their lives
  • people who say stupid shit as “evidence” for any of the above

Things I wouldn’t miss if I left Wicca / Paganism

  • people with heterocentric ideas
  • transphobic people
  • ableism
  • people with völkisch ideas
  • people who think everything is a sign from the gods
  • people who insist that the gods choose their followers and not the other way around
  • people who say stupid shit as “evidence” for any of the above

Thankfully most of these are in a minority, or can be avoided.

Note that the bad stuff in Christianity is far worse than any of the annoying things about Unitarianism, and more widespread than any of the annoying things in Paganism.

The temptation of St Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch (circa 1515). Clearly St Anthony was one of those annoying people who thought the devil had it in for him personally 😂

The goal of the book is to help you decide your own path by guiding you through the perils and pitfalls of the terrain, and asking questions to help you deepen your understanding of the reasons for your desire to change paths.

Changing Paths is published by 1000Volt Press and is available from all the usual online stores. Ask your local bookseller or library to stock it!

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