Exvangelical podcasts

There’s a huge variety of exvangelical podcasts helping people deconstruct from toxic churches. Check out this list to discover some helpful ones.

Coming to terms with a messed up subculture. One conversation at a time.
I was a Teenage Fundamentalist. An Exvangelical podcast.
Brian and Troy used to be loyal Christian megachurch leaders. They’re not anymore. This honest and often hilarious podcast peeks behind the curtain at the weird, the worrying, and sometimes traumatic world of Evangelicals & Pentecostals. 
Almost Heretical | Deconstructing Christianity
A bible scholar and a former pastor reimagining the Bible, Jesus, God & church. For progressive Christians deconstructing reformed evangelical theology.
The Post-Evangelical Post | Blake Chastain
The PostEvangelical Post. Home of the Exvangelical podcast & a newsletter about belief, tech, & society—with a focus on US white evangelicalism
The Liturgists Podcast
Now in its seventh season, award-winning Liturgists Podcast is entering new territory exploring non-dualism inside of Christianity.
Diary of an EXvangelical
A podcast by a Catholic who was raised around Evangelicals, spent four years in an Evangelical church, deconstructed and went back to Catholicism.
The Exvangelical Therapist Podcast
The Exvangelical Therapist Podcast is led by A., a licensed therapist and exvangelical who speaks from personal and professional experience about navigating life and mental health after leaving the evangelical church.
The Exvangelical Anti-Devotional
Meliea Black is a queer exvangelical, midwife, moon maven and intuition coach/activist who helps folks deconstruct the influence of religion and toxic christianity on their life and then reconstruct self trust, intuitive living, ease and flow. 
Jerry’s Kids
An exvangelical podcast dedicated to exploring the Falwell dynasty in Lynchburg, Virginia, presenting a transgender person’s insider view of the religious trauma she continues to unpack from her own upbringing in the culture of Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University.
zillenial life crisis | a podcast by bel
zillenial life crisis. just a gay 23 year old exvangelical documenting her life crisis
Pleasure Prophet
A podcast about pleasure, from a lens that’s not always horny, but often magical, spiritual, personal, even political. 
By Darling Oddity.
Remedial Sunday School Podcast
One traumatized former Catholic, an Exvangelical, and an Atheist all walk into a bar…
An exvangelical podcast taking another look at some of the book and music that had (and may still have!) major influence in evangelical christianity.
God Has Not Given – Janice Lagata
An exvangelical podcast featuring Janice Lagata and her failing faith in conversations with friends and family.

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