Shattering fundamentalist worldviews

In 1983, I stopped being a fundamentalist Christian and became an atheist. I moved from one rigid worldview to another one. Gradually I started exploring spirituality and Paganism, which undermined my atheism. But how do we move away from fake certainty and embrace uncertainty?

4 thoughts on “Shattering fundamentalist worldviews

  1. I am confused – because I feel that you are confused. Neither I, nor any Atheist I know, regards Atheism as a rigid worldview. It is position on a single issue. We have not been presented with sufficiently-convincing evidence to justify believing in the existence of God/gods. Everything else, is something else. Have you been exposed to rigid Atheists? Or do you just feel that you should apply the same rigor to your new belief system that you did with your old one? 😯 😕
    BTW: I was born and raised in Southampton – Ontario, Canada. 😀


    • I am thinking specifically of the type of atheist who assumes that all adherents of religions believe literally in gods, assumes that all religions are equally bad, etc, rather than being aware of the nuances of religion. And I have been exposed to plenty of those 🙂

      Just to be very clear, I am not saying that atheists are rigid in the same way as fundamentalists – like you say, atheism is a single-issue concept.

      I have visited Southampton, Ontario, it was lovely.

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      • I imagine, over the years, more than one resident of Southampton, UK has visited my lovely, wee home town. What brought you there – friends/relatives emigrated there, simple curiosity about the same name, someone suggested, Let’s go to the beach? How long ago? 😕 🙂


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